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Dharma Type Certification (DTC) is a one-of-a kind, year-long immersion program consisting of online classes and one-on-one tutoring in the five levels of dharma.

Beginning with the physical, we explore the practical essence of Ayurveda and how to apply it quickly with ourselves, family, and clientele. Next we move to Vastu- how to organize our environment. Then we focus on the dharma type- the core of our teaching. Next we move to spiritual remedies and how to help ourselves and clients using mantras and spiritual practices. Finally, we move to Vedic astrology- which is the diagnostic key that puts all of these together.

Students without any prior knowledge of astrology, with math anxiety and limited time to study, are now reading charts like pros. It has been a truly marvelous transformation.

Studying with Simon through his online course has been one of the best decisions I have made both for my career and personal growth.  He is a deeply knowledgeable scholar, generous with his time and gifted with an ability to bring ancient truths to bear on modern day realities.  I am a 20 year practitioner and student of yoga and psychology and had grown a little weary of the standard courses available for continuing education and personal development.  Studying with Simon has reawakened the joy of learning for me and reignited my desire to share what I learn with others.  His curriculum is organized and thorough yet balanced with inspired spontaneity that tailors the materials to the students when it is most useful to do so.  That is something I’ve seen in only a few highly gifted teachers.  If you feel drawn to take the study of Dharma to the next level, I highly recommend this course.   

MMK, Ph.D., business owner, consultant

The Dharma Type Certification is a distillation of over 15 years of teaching that has culminated in this one-of a kind mentorship program. This is a high-end course designed to completely immerse you into dharma and the traditions that transmit it.

The  cost in 2017 is $4950, which will go up for 2018. This includes all materials, membership in our exclusive and facebook group, as well as one consulting one time with me to cover your chart and any lessons and questions you have.

Famous educator Joseph Campbell used to tell his students, “Follow Your Bliss!”– he didn’t clarify just HOW we were supposed to do that. 

The sages of ancient India called this ‘living your DHARMA’ and  passed down technologies showing us exactly how to obtain fulfillment in each of the five levels of our lives, from the physical to the cosmic. I have spent the past 15 years studying and teaching these systems, and have now created a certification program that embodies everything I’ve ever taught – the Dharma Type Certification (DTC).

I’ve distilled the essence of the five levels of Dharma:
Dharma Types,

into simple but profound tools to help you and your clients succeed where other methods have failed. Diet and lifestyle changes don’t work when a person has lost their purpose. But without health, even a purpose-driven life is limited. If you are a practitioner, counselor, coach, or therapist who wants to seriously magnify your practice, join me for this intensive mentorship program.

This course is not for everyone, and I am limiting the number of seats to preserve the one-on-one nature of the tradition. I will not be offering it again this year. If you are interested, please email me at: siddhadeva@yahoo.com to set up a one one phone consultation answering your questions.  Classes for 2017 begin April 28th

The Dharma Type Certification course, hands down has been an amazingly transforming experience! The curriculum is meaningful to every aspect of life, from the space we live in, to the relationships we encounter, to understanding the professions that resonate with each type. From an educational perspective, having completed many years and layers of schooling, this course should be available in every school system from adolescent to college level. Simon is instrumental in providing different techniques that lead to spiritual growth, self empowerment, and a deep understanding of your self, as well as your connection with others. Exceptional!  


In my career as a spiritual guide and healer, I have trained in many different types of modalities – I have trusted my own guidance to steer me on this journey but I have to say that one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in this journey was to sign up for the Dharma Type Practitioner Certification course. The information Simon presented has been transformative for me and continues to develop into my coaching and healing work with clients. Simon is a truly gifted teacher with a wonderful sense of humor and a brilliant talent in inspiring us to be our absolute best. 

Moira Hutchison